Google Pixel 7 128GB White 5G

The Google Pixel 7 128GB White 5G runs on a stock version of Android. Because Google makes the software and smartphone itself, there are few unnecessary apps on the Pixel 7. You’ll be the first to receive the latest Android updates as well. This device has a 6.3-inch Full HD screen that has a 90Hz refresh rate. As a result, movements like scrolling and animations look smooth. Thanks to the powerful Google Tensor G2 processor, this smartphone is suitable for the most demanding tasks like 3D games and image editing. You can also switch quickly between different apps thanks to 8GB RAM. There are 2 cameras on the back: a standard lens and a wide-angle lens. This allows you to take sharp photos and 4K videos. You can store your photos, apps, and other files on the 128GB storage. The 4355mAh battery isn’t very large, but the Google Pixel 7 lasts a whole day with average use. You can charge the battery with a separately available 20W fast charger, so the battery is half full again within half an hour.

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