Nothing Phone (2) 256GB Black 5G

The Nothing Phone (2) 256GB Black 5G is a mid-range smartphone with a unique design. Thanks to the glass back, you can see the parts of the Nothing smartphone. There are also LED strips on the back of the device, known as the Glyph interface. The LED strips light up when you receive a notification and give you information on the charging status of the Nothing smartphone. The Nothing Phone (2) runs on the Nothing OS. This has no extra and unnecessary pre-installed apps. As a result, there’s more space on the 256GB storage for your apps, photos, and files. Need more space? Choose the 512GB model. On the large 6.7-inch Full HD screen of the Nothing Phone 2, you can comfortably watch your favorite movies and series. This device is suitable for the most demanding tasks and can smoothly switch between different apps. With the standard and wide-angle lens on the back, you take sharp photos. The 4700mAh battery lasts an entire day with average use. You can fast charge the device with a separately available 45W fast charger.

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