OPPO A17 64GB Blue

The OPPO A17 64GB Blue is a smartphone for basic use, like surfing the web or using WhatsApp. The device reacts slowly at times when using medium apps like YouTube or Spotify. Thanks to the large 5000mAh battery capacity, your smartphone will last the entire day at average use. If your smartphone is empty anyways, charge it with the included charger. You can scroll through apps and files on the large 6.5-inch screen. Because of the size, it can be hard to operate this device with 1 hand. The OPPO A17 has 2 cameras which you can take decent photos with. These are suitable to send on WhatsApp, for example. The photos don’t stay pretty when you print them. You can store your photos and files on the 64GB storage. You can expand this storage with a memory card of up to 2TB.

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