Samsung Galaxy A34 128GB Black 5G Enterprise Edition

The Samsung Galaxy A34 128GB Black 5G Enterprise Edition is suitable for business use. This way, you can manage all the smartphones in your company safely and in a central place. You’ll get the Samsung A34 with a free Samsung Knox Suite version. In addition, you’ll get security updates until March 2028, so your sensitive information is well-protected. The large 5000mAh batter of the Galaxy A34 lasts a whole day with average use. On the sharp 6.6-inch Full HD screen, you can easily write an email. It’s difficult to control the large screen with 1 hand. You can store photos, apps, and other files on the 128GB storage. The Samsung A34 is suitable for average use. You can calls, send emails and messages, or download your new schedule.Note:Samsung doesn’t provide a charger. Purchase a separate 25W Samsung fast charger to fully charge your smartphone is a bit over an hour.

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